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Rates and Tariffs



Calls to UK 'non geographic' numbers (e.g. those starting 08, 09, 05, 118, 070)

Call rates are quoted in pence per minute, unless otherwise stated, and are inclusive of VAT.

This price list is correct as of 23rd January 2012.

Please also visit the pricing notes and pricing updates pages.

To find out which Band applies to a certain number, please visit the number groups page.

Pence per minute
Band 6am-6pm 6pm-6am
0845 3.06p 1.02p
0870 9.6p 6.03p


Calls to 03XX numbers

Charged at the same rate as for national (01/02) numbers.


Premium Rate Services

PhonepayPlus regulates the operators of the majority of these call types.

For more information, or to make a complaint, visit www.phonepayplus.org.uk

  Pence per minute
Band Daytime Evening Weekend
Prem0 308.83p 308.83p 308.83p
Prem0 ad 308.83p 308.83p 308.83p
Prem1 101.11p 79.97p 79.97p
Prem1 ad 100.09p 79.66p 79.66p
Prem1 bt 100.09p 79.66p 79.66p
Prem2 102.54p 91.91p 91.91p
Prem2 ad 102.54p 91.91p 91.91p
Prem3 205.89p 205.89p 205.89p
Prem3 ad 205.89p 205.89p 205.89p
Prem4 101.11p 101.11p 101.11p
Prem4 ad 101.11p 101.11p 101.11p
Prem5 102.94p 102.94p 102.94p
Prem5 ad 102.94p 102.94p 102.94p
Prem5 bt 102.94p 102.94p 102.94p
Prem6 51.47p 51.47p 51.47p
Prem6 ad 51.47p 51.47p 51.47p
Prem7 123.17p 123.17p 123.17p
Prem7 ad 123.17p 123.17p 123.17p
Prem8 154.42p 154.42p 154.42p
Prem8 ad 154.42p 154.42p 154.42p
Prem9 18.38p 17.87p 17.87p
Prem9 ad 18.38p 17.87p 17.87p
Prem10 42.89p 42.89p 42.89p
Prem10 ad 42.89p 42.89p 42.89p
Prem11 159.32p 159.32p 159.32p
Prem11 ad 159.32p 159.32p 159.32p
Prem12 18.38p 18.38p 18.38p
Prem12 ad 40.85p 40.85p 40.85p
Prem13 24.51p 24.51p 24.51p
Prem13 ad 24.51p 24.51p 24.51p
Prem14 36.77p 36.77p 36.77p
Prem14 ad 36.77p 36.77p 36.77p
Prem15 49.02p 49.02p 49.02p
Prem15 ad 49.02p 49.02p 49.02p
Prem16 55.15p 55.15p 55.15p
Prem16 ad 55.15p 55.15p 55.15p
Prem17 67.4p 67.4p 67.4p
Prem17 ad 67.4p 67.4p 67.4p
Prem18 79.66p 79.66p 79.66p
Prem18 ad 79.66p 79.66p 79.66p
Prem19 85.79p 85.79p 85.79p
Prem19 ad 85.79p 85.79p 85.79p
Prem20 98.04p 98.04p 98.04p
Prem20 ad 163.4p 163.4p 163.4p
Prem21 104.17p 104.17p 104.17p
Prem21 ad 104.17p 104.17p 104.17p
Prem22 110.3p 110.3p 110.3p
Prem22ad 110.3p 110.3p 110.3p
Prem23 116.43p 116.43p 116.43p
Prem23 ad 194.04p 194.04p 194.04p
Prem24 134.81p 134.81p 134.81p
Prem24 ad 224.68p 224.68p 224.68p
Prem25 147.06p 147.06p 147.06p
Prem25 ad 147.06p 147.06p 147.06p
Prem26 171.57p 171.57p 171.57p
Prem26 ad 171.57p 171.57p 171.57p
Prem27 6.13p 6.13p 6.13p
Prem27 ad 6.13p 6.13p 6.13p
Prem29 56.58p 28.29p 28.29p
Prem29 ad 56.58p 28.29p 28.29p
Prem30 111.22p 70.77p 70.77p
Prem30 ad 111.22p 70.77p 70.77p
Prem31 14.6p 14.6p 14.6p
Prem31 ad 14.6p 14.6p 14.6p
Prem32 20.22p 20.22p 20.22p
Prem32 ad 20.22p 20.22p 20.22p
p28 49.74p 33.19p 16.54p
p28 ad 49.74p 33.19p 16.54p
g1 12.36p 5.11p 5.11p
g1 ad 12.36p 5.11p 5.11p
M 41.87p 28.9p 28.9p
M ad 41.87p 28.9p 28.9p
N 30.33p 30.33p 30.33p
N ad 30.33p 30.33p 30.33p

  Pence per call Pence per minute
Band At all times At all times
Prem34 61.28p 61.28p
Prem35 51.17p 51.06p
Prem36 45.96p 45.96p

  Pence per call
Band At all times
ff0 20.63p
ff0 ad 20.63p
ff1 50.55p
ff1 ad 50.55p
ff2 101.21p
ff2 ad 101.21p
ff6 61.58p
ff6 ad 61.58p
ff11 110.3p
ff11 ad 110.3p
ff12 137.87p
ff12 ad 137.87p
ff13 183.83p
ff13 ad 183.83p
ff14 183.83p
ff14 ad 183.83p
ff15 6.13p
ff16 16.85p
ff16 ad 16.85p
ff17 22.47p
ff17 ad 22.47p
ff18 39.22p
ff18 ad 39.22p
ff19 48p
ff19 ad 48p
ff20 50.45p
ff20 ad 50.45p
ff21 168.51p
ff21 ad 168.51p
ff24 139p
ff25 208.44p
ff26 217.12p
ff27 225.8p
ff28 11.23p
ff29 5.31p
ff30 112.85p
ffTV25p 30.03p
ffTV25p ad 30.03p
TV50p 60.05p


101 Non-Emergency Service

See www.101.gov.uk for local availability and more information.

  Pence per call
Band At all times
ff31 10.21p


Personal Numbering Services

PhonepayPlus regulates the operators of the majority of these call types.

For more information, or to make a complaint, visit www.phonepayplus.org.uk

  Pence per minute
Band Daytime Evening Weekend
PN1 25.02p 16.65p 8.37p
PN2 58.83p 58.83p 58.83p
PN3 75.06p 59.74p 59.74p
PN3bt 75.06p 59.74p 59.74p
PN4 39.83p 39.83p 39.83p
PN5 32.99p 32.99p 32.99p
PN6 38.81p 38.81p 38.81p
PN8 26.25p 26.25p 26.25p
PN9 30.94p 30.94p 30.94p
PN10 46.47p 46.47p 46.47p
PN11 51.78p 38.5p 38.5p
PN12 35.85p 35.85p 35.85p
PN13 51.78p 51.78p 51.78p
C 25.74p 14.91p 7.86p
D 34.21p 20.22p 20.22p
E 10.31p 10.31p 10.31p
F 61.28p 40.85p 20.43p
J 32.68p 22.47p 10.72p
K 38.3p 25.53p 12.77p

  Pence per call Pence per minute
Band At all times Daytime Evening Weekend
PN7 51.17p 3.98p 1.02p 1.02p


Multimedia Services

  Pence per call Pence per minute
Band At all times Daytime Evening Weekend
mm1  15.32p 5.11p 5.11p 5.11p
mm2  25.53p 3.98p 1.53p 1.02p
mm3  51.17p 3.98p 1.53p 1.02p
mm3 ad  51.17p 3.98p 1.53p 1.02p
mm4  15.32p 3.98p 1.53p 1.02p
mm4 ad  15.32p 3.98p 1.53p 1.02p
mm5  20.43p 3.98p 1.53p 1.02p
mm5 ad  20.43p 3.98p 1.53p 1.02p
mm6  25.53p 4.09p 4.09p 4.09p
mm6 ad  25.53p 4.09p 4.09p 4.09p
mm7  25.53p 5p 2.55p 2.04p
g3 12.26p 3.98p 1.53p 1.02p
g3 ad  12.26p 3.98p 1.53p 1.02p


Internet Services

Pence per minute
Band Daytime Evening Weekend
i1 5.21p 5.21p 5.21p
i2 10.42p 10.42p 10.42p
i3 1.02p 1.02p 1.02p
i4 2.04p 2.04p 2.04p
i5 3.17p 3.17p 3.17p
i8 4.19p 4.19p 4.19p
i9 6.23p 6.23p 6.23p
i10 7.25p 7.25p 7.25p
i11 8.37p 8.37p 8.37p
i12 9.4p 9.4p 9.4p
i13 3.06p 2.04p 1.02p
i14 4.09p 1.53p 1.02p
i15 5.11p 1.23p 1.23p
i17 3.88p 1.02p 1.02p
i18 3.68p 0.92p 0.92p
i19 3.47p 0.92p 0.92p
i20 3.27p 0.82p 0.82p
i21 3.06p 1.02p 1.02p
i22 2.86p 0.92p 0.92p
i23 2.76p 0.92p 0.92p
i24 2.86p 1.02p 1.02p
i25 2.76p 1.02p 1.02p
i26 4.09p 2.04p 1.02p
i30 4.09p 3.06p 1.02p
i33 5.11p 4.09p 2.04p
g2 10.11p 5.11p 4.09p
g4 2.04p 1.02p 1.02p
g5 1.02p 0.61p 0.51p

Pence per call
Band At all times
SchInt 5.51p


Non-Internet Services

Pence per minute
Band Daytime Evening Weekend
g6 5.21p 5.21p 5.21p
g7 15.32p 15.32p 15.32p
g8 1.02p 1.02p 1.02p
g9 2.04p 2.04p 2.04p
g10 3.17p 3.17p 3.17p
g11 4.19p 4.19p 4.19p
g12 6.23p 6.23p 6.23p
g13 7.25p 7.25p 7.25p
g14 8.37p 8.37p 8.37p
g15 9.4p 9.4p 9.4p
g16 2.55p 1.23p 1.23p
g17 3.88p 2.55p 1.23p
g18 5.11p 1.23p 1.23p
g19 5.11p 1.94p 1.23p
g20 6.13p 3.17p 2.45p
g21 6.03p 2.45p 1.74p
g22 0.51p 0.51p 0.51p
g23 8.07p 3.98p 1.53p
g27 1.53p 1.53p 1.53p
g28 2.55p 2.55p 2.55p

Pence per call
Band At all times
g25 10.21p


Wi-fi Services

Pence per minute
Band Daytime Evening Weekend
fw1 15.01p 15.01p 7.35p
fw2 14.3p 11.85p 6.03p
fw5 14.4p 11.64p 6.54p
fw6 12.56p 10.01p 6.03p


Directory Enquiries

Pence per minute
Band Daytime Evening Weekend
DQ1 43.4p 43.4p 43.4p
DQ2 60.77p 60.77p 60.77p
DQ3 69.45p 69.34p 69.34p
DQ4 78.13p 78.13p 78.13p
DQ5 86.81p 86.81p 86.81p
DQ6 95.49p 95.49p 95.49p
DQ7 121.53p 121.53p 121.53p
DQ8 138.89p 138.89p 138.89p
DQ9 173.62p 173.62p 173.62p
DQ10 208.34p 208.34p 208.34p
DQ11 217.02p 217.02p 217.02p
DQ12 260.43p 260.43p 260.43p
DQ13 277.79p 277.79p 277.79p
DQ39 130.21p 130.21p 130.21p
DQ43 34.72p 34.72p 34.72p
DQ61 128.48p 128.48p 128.48p

Pence per call
Band Daytime Evening Weekend
DQ14 46.67p 46.67p 46.67p
DQ15 52.09p 52.09p 52.09p
DQ16 60.56p 60.56p 60.56p
DQ17 69.34p 69.34p 69.34p
DQ18 242.96p 242.96p 242.96p
DQ19 260.32p 260.32p 260.32p
DQ20 262.16p 262.16p 262.16p
DQ21 294.94p 294.94p 294.94p
DQ22 347.13p 347.13p 347.13p
DQ50 55.05p 55.05p 55.05p
DQ57 40.85p 40.85p 40.85p
DQ58 328.44p 328.44p 328.44p
DQ59 338.66p 338.66p 338.66p
DQ62 277.79p 277.79p 277.79p
DQ66 50.45p 50.45p 50.45p
DQ79 78.13p 78.13p 78.13p
DQ88 173.62p 173.62p 173.62p

Pence per call Pence per minute
Band At all times Daytime Evening Weekend
DQ23 34.72p 69.45p 69.45p 69.45p
DQ24 34.72p 217.02p 217.02p 217.02p
DQ25 43.2p 34.72p 34.72p 34.72p
DQ26 43.2p 52.09p 52.09p 52.09p
DQ27 60.56p 17.36p 17.36p 17.36p
DQ28 85.07p 15.63p 15.63p 15.63p
DQ29 173.62p 104.17p 104.17p 104.17p
DQ30 260.32p 52.09p 52.09p 52.09p
DQ36 21.65p 26.04p 26.04p 26.04p
DQ37 43.2p 31.25p 31.25p 31.25p
DQ38 171.68p 102.43p 102.43p 102.43p
DQ41 69.34p 138.89p 138.89p 138.89p
DQ42 102.33p 13.89p 13.89p 13.89p
DQ44 52.09p 52.09p 52.09p 52.09p
DQ45 60.87p 8.68p 8.68p 8.68p
DQ46 67.71p 15.63p 15.63p 15.63p
DQ47 86.81p 138.89p 138.89p 138.89p
DQ52 50.45p 50.35p 50.35p 50.35p
DQ53 67.71p 32.99p 32.99p 32.99p
DQ54 52.09p 8.68p 8.68p 8.68p
DQ56 50.45p 15.63p 15.63p 15.63p
DQ60 34.72p 34.72p 34.72p 34.72p
DQ64 69.34p 26.04p 26.04p 26.04p
DQ65 347.44p 17.36p 17.36p 17.36p
DQ68 85.07p 24.31p 24.31p 24.31p
DQ69 260.32p 130.21p 130.21p 130.21p
DQ70 69.34p 39.93p 39.93p 39.93p
DQ71 69.34p 24.31p 24.31p 24.31p
DQ72 102.33p 24.31p 24.31p 24.31p
DQ73 102.33p 39.93p 39.93p 39.93p
DQ74 102.33p 32.99p 32.99p 32.99p
DQ75 85.07p 41.67p 41.67p 41.67p
DQ76 130.21p 260.43p 260.43p 260.43p
DQ77 102.43p 46.88p 46.88p 46.88p
DQ78 102.43p 53.82p 53.82p 53.82p
DQ80 78.13p 17.36p 17.36p 17.36p
DQ81 78.13p 20.83p 20.83p 20.83p
DQ82 78.13p 52.09p 52.09p 52.09p
DQ83 138.69p 138.89p 138.89p 138.89p
DQ84 119.8p 24.31p 24.31p 24.31p
DQ85 260.32p 208.34p 208.34p 208.34p
DQ86 119.8p 32.99p 32.99p 32.99p
DQ87 41.57p 72.92p 72.92p 72.92p
DQ91 137.06p 24.31p 24.31p 24.31p
DQ92 137.06p 32.99p 32.99p 32.99p
DQ93 119.8p 43.4p 43.4p 43.4p
DQ94 137.06p 43.4p 43.4p 43.4p
DQ95 50.35p 85.07p 85.07p 85.07p
DQ97 119.8p 345.5p 345.5p 345.5p
DQ98 293.31p 345.5p 345.5p 345.5p
DQ100 260.32p 312.51p 312.51p 312.51p
DQ104 81.6p 119.8p 119.8p 119.8p
DQ105 119.8p 48.51p 48.51p 48.51p
DQ109 141.96p 50.04p 50.04p 50.04p
DQ111 313.02p 313.02p 313.02p 313.02p

Pence per call Pence per minute Pence per call
Band All times Daytime Evening Weekend Minimum
DQ32 51.88p 15.63p 15.63p 15.63p 67.2p
DQ33 50.45p 34.72p 34.72p 34.72p 85.17p
DQ40 - 34.72p 34.72p 34.72p 34.72p
DQ48 51.98p 34.72p 34.72p 34.72p 86.81p
DQ49 - 86.81p 86.81p 86.81p 86.81p
DQ51 - 260.43p 260.43p 260.53p 260.53p
DQ67 - 69.45p 69.45p 69.45p 69.45p
DQ102 - 104.17p 104.17p 104.17p 104.27p

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